15 de jun de 2015

EIP 2015 - "The American Diversity: Diversity in the USA" - June, 28th to July 2nd

O Programa English Immersion U.S.A promovida pela Embaixada dos Estados Unidos no Brasil e Casa Thomas Jefferson tem como tema neste ano  "The American Diversity: Diversity in the USA". Falta pouco, está chegando... Neste ano o programa será realizado de 28 de junho a 2 de julho em Brasília.
Certificado da edição 2013 do Programa
"Venho, por meio desta, confirmar a seleção do estudante Claudio Antonio Klaus Junior no programa
“English Immersion USA”, curso de imersão total na língua inglesa e cultura americana realizado pela Embaixada dos Estados Unidos da América no Brasil, em parceria com a Casa Thomas Jefferson. O curso será realizado de 28 de junho a 03 de julho de 2015 em Brasília.  O estudante foi um dos semifinalistas do Programa Jovens Embaixadores em um processo com cerca de 13.000 mil candidatos. Como semifinalista, ele participará no “English Immersion USA”. "

Responding positively to the need to outreach to minority and disadvantaged public school students in Brazil, Post created in 2002 the “Youth Ambassadors” program, a three-week exchange program in the U.S. which targets underprivileged Brazilian students who are examples in their communities – in terms of proven leadership, positive attitude, social consciousness, academic excellence, and English language ability. This program became a huge success among public school students and, last year alone, attracted the application of close to 12,000 students from all 26 Brazilian states and the Federal District for 37 slots. Due to the increasing number of candidates for the Youth Ambassadors Program and the limited number of slots available for the exchange in the U.S., the Embassy, in partnership with binational centers from throughout Brazil, created in 2006 the “English Immersion USA” program. This week-long program offers approximately 130 runners-up of the Youth Ambassadors selection process an immersion experience in English language and the U.S. culture.
The program covers the following themes:

 U.S. history

 U.S. geography

 English Language Learning

 U.S. Culture and Society

 Conversation classes

 Cooking sessions

 Sports in the U.S.

 Social activities (‘4th of July celebration, costume party, karaoke in English, etc.)

Every year the program focusses on a different aspect of U.S. culture and requires that, at the end of the program, participants give a brief presentation on their topic. Program themes have already included “Regions of the U.S.”, “Route 66”, “Music through the Decades”, and “Sports in America”. This final project provides participants with research opportunities about the U.S., at the same time as it helps them develop their teamwork, leadership, and public speaking skills. To the extent possible, we always try to include the participation of Mission officers, English Teaching Fellows and/or English Teaching Assistants in the program, so as to provide more authenticity to the 
activities. The EIP takes place every July, either with the entire group at one single location, or in smaller groups at 4-5 different locations. The implementation of the EIP is always done in partnership with Binational Centers.