19 de set de 2018

GESS 2018 - Cape Town

The Global Entrepreneurship Summer School (GESS) is a seven-day program where 140 university students come together in Munich, Mexico City, Shanghai and Cape Town to develop entrepreneurial solutions that meet the world’s biggest challenges. In the spirit of promoting “billion-dollar projects to foster societal change”, we work on the UN Sustainable Development Goals aiming to empower students to become young responsible leaders who create positive change in our society.
The Global Entrepreneurship Summer School (GESS) is a program of the Social Entrepreneurship Akademie based in Munich, Germany, organized in cooperation with six leading university-based entrepreneurship centers in Munich, Shanghai, Mexico City and Cape Town.
Since 2008 their Summer School program was known as EIISS (Entrepreneurial Impact International Summer School), in the 5th year of existence it was rebranded to Global Entrepreneurship Summer School. The Global Entrepreneurship Summer School is part of the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (DESD). The goals of the Decade are to provide opportunities for refining and promoting the vision of and transition to sustainable development through all forms of education. The Global Entrepreneurship Summer School fosters the important role of education in sustainable development and connects ambitious, entrepreneurial students from all over the world.
In 2018 for the first time, GESS has taken place on four continents in four different cities. Mexico City, Cape Town, Shanghai and Munich hosted this year's edition about consumption. Sustainable consumption and production are some of the major challenges of our time. Entrepreneurial solutions from innovative, creative and enthusiastic students like you are needed to solve the issues surrounding the challenges of consumerism in a rapidly growing society. During the course of one week, students from all over the world worked on the following topics:
#Environment; #Culture; #Production; #Global Food Consumption and #Waste.

Ou host in CapeTown was LifeCo UnLtd, which is a social enterprise, established over 2 decades ago during the times of segregation and marginalisation in South Africa. The enterprise focuses on 2 key elements: entrepreneurial education for youth, and entrepreneur development. It finds, funds and invests in emerging social entrepreneurs to expand their impact and access to market.
It facilitates programs focused on critical thinking, capital and entrepreneurial practice to schools and universities and is an active advocate for social impact – the organization is strategically placed to guide policy direction in South Africa and is a global influencer in the sector.LifeCo UnLtd is also a global advocate for impact enterprise and impact investment and a founding member of the Global Social Entrepreneurship Network (GSEN). The partnership with LifeCo bundles and introduces eight South African Universities to the GESS initiative – significantly increasing GESS’s University presence. This year, GESS Cape Town was located at the University of the Western Cape. 
We were about 35 students from 10 different countries. My group had people from China, Switzerland, Germany and South Africa - It was quite nice to have the chance to learn so much from different points of view. 


“Seed for Change” is trying to shift short term thinking in South Africa by working with school children and giving them a stevia plant to grow. The plant can be harvested continuously and is also a healthier option to sugar. The children learn patience and long term thinking by harvesting at particular times, and particular amounts, in order to keep the plant growing and producing.
The accompanying teaching app helps teacher see the process through by guiding harvesting time and incorporating little tutorials on long term thinking.
The tendency to consume quantity over quality will be subverted by realizing just a little stevia has a lot of sweetness. And a little bit of patience has a big long term reward.

I recommend GESS for whosoever wants to improve their worldwide network and develop some very necessary skills for entrepreneuship. Our lovaly staff helped us to focus on our self discovery too, I learned a lot about myself in this program. 

23 de jul de 2018

MUNPlanet offers students opportunities to learn online and participate in UN Models

Caçador, July 17th, 2018. 
Students from all over the world can find fully funded opportunities to participate in conferences almost anywhere in the world. MUNPlanet is simply the largest and the coolest community of “MUNers”, people attending Model United Nations conferences in the world. MUNPlanet is a knowledge network where members share their knowledge and experiences about global issues.

MUNPlanet, Invites people to join the trusted and best source of inspiring ideas and content that contributes toward growing a global MUN community. Other than that it Affirms thinking, writing, dialogue, cooperation, friendship, and other social practices. The community also encourages people to actively engage in the community that inspires, educates and connects young global leaders and ultimately calls upon MUNers to unite, for then, and only then, we can solve any problem, reach any goal, and achieve great new heights—together.

Created in 2014 and supported by Kutpoint, MUNPlanet’s mission is to gather alumni knowledge to foster a place of belonging for all those interested in creating a knowledgeable, stronger and more engaged Model United Nations global community. This strong community is continually growing and allowing others to share of its benefits, members are using MUNPlanet to discuss ways in which they can accelerate progress personally, stay updated on all MUN dates and conferences all over the world.

That’s not all, accessing the website you can also find out what it takes to build and organize a successful Model UN conference, find answers related to MUNs and career growth, connect with some of the best projects, find jobs related to MUN expertise, build a global MUN network, find an experienced MUN mentor and much more! 

MUNPlanet exists today simply to help young and aspiring MUN minds reach their full potential and help accelerate progress and to create a better world for the future generations to inherit. Join us today by signing up at MUNPlanet.com

Would you like to know more? Check out this video:

13 de jun de 2018

Why do I want to attend OpenCon 2018 in Toronto? #OpenCon

"Thanks to open education I am where I am today, I got a full scholarship for law school with the skills I developed with several kinds of MOOCs and other open online education sources. I do believe open education in life changing!"
- Cláudio Antônio Klaus Júnior 

   I am Cláudio Antônio Klaus Júnior, I am attending law school with a full scholarship in Caçador, SC, Brazil. I highly valeu open education because it has brought me where I am today. Open is important to me because I don't have enough money to pay for an education and having the chance to study all kinds of things online has made my whole world change -- that's not all! I have been a Youth Ambassador for Education with the Santa Catarina for Education movement promoting education in all levels in my community and state, not only that, but I have been a passionate advocate of the Sustainable Development Goal number 4 which lead me to apply to attend this conference and share the impact that has happened here and also bring back insights from the conferece to my homestate. I thought I'd share with you guys some certificates I got because there is some open education nowadays, my hope is to help more companies to let their courses, books and other sources of knowledge open for people to study with. I am eager to be able to join a global network of people involved in this cause of making education more acessible.

23 de mai de 2018


Busque a escola da sua comunidade e peça como você poderia ajudar trabalhando junto com a associaçõa de pais e professores. Este artigo mostra a importância desta ideia: https://www.semprefamilia.com.br/a-importancia-de-pais-e-escola-educando-juntos/

Em Santa Catarina por exemplo, você pode se inscrever no programa "Eu Voluntário: Deixando meu legado" e saber de oportunidades na sua região: http://santacatarinapelaeducacao.com.br/iniciativas/eu-voluntario.html

Existem iniciativas como "Internet na Escola" (https://www.facebook.com/internetnaescola/?fref=ts) e muitas outras que estão prontas para receber sua ajuda :)

Prince Ea fez um video (em inglês) com reflexões muito importantes sobre a educação: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10154982214184769&id=71760664768

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