23 de jan de 2015

Minha experiência com o #TempleChallenge (#DesafioDoTemplo) do Elder Andersen - #ShareGoodness

I've shared this experiences with some people since I started the #TempleChallenge in June of the last year, I have been having good experiences almost daily with this and I want to share everything now in my blog. (Extracted from personal emails and journals)

July, 8th - 2014:
"I'm having wonderful experiences during my preparation to take all the names I can to the Temple. I'm Claudio Antonio Klaus Junior, I'm 17 years old and I'm from Caçador, Santa Catarina, Brasil. We only go to the Temple 4 times a year and it makes me start thinking about all the time I have to prepare my own names, my own family. I'm loving it and I have already prepared more than 250 name to take with me in this next Temple visit in August. We go to the Curitiba PR Temple. I love to go to the Temple, the Temple experience make me grow and have a real testimony of this amazing work. I know that I can have both sides of this work blessing and I also want to have my family with me forever. I'm preparing to serve my mission and I'm feeling that it's amazing to know that I can help in someone's Salvation. I love this gospel and the opportunities that it is giving me."

Where does your passion for family history work come from? 
"I just started sending emails to my whole family and every single person I found with the same family name and it show me that it was possibile to start my works. I started to put the data on FamilySearch and I loved it! I sent my genealogy chart for my family and many people (who aren't members of the Church) helped me with this task. I developed a great passion for my ancestors. I was the first one of my family that was baptized in the Church some months after my mom decided to get baptized and nowadays my mom and I are members. I just loved this work and the experience with FS and with the indexing software." 

January, 22nd - 2015:
You will not believe how blessed I've been with this wonderful work. Many members helped me gathering more generations and since the Temple Challenge started I gathered more than 10 generations in my Father's family. I know that this work is sacred. I'm going to have more than 300 names to perform ordinances in behalf of them. I'll only be able to go to the Temple again in May, 9th and until there I know that I will find more ancestors. Thanks for all the support and motivation you gave me and I'd like to ask you to thank Elder Andersen personally for the amazing and motivational letter he sent me. I know that this work will help me during my mission and my whole life. 

Giovana Tavares e Claudia Mroz two of the girls who helped me to know the Gospel

The #TempleChallenge helped me to feel the truth on the Temple work

I'm Claudio Antonio Klaus Jr, 17, Brazilian and I have accepted the #TempleChallenge

Livro da Família, construído com a genealogia e diversas fotos de família


To Sweep the Earth as with a Flood