13 de out de 2014

You are invited to apply for a scholarship to ALU

Applications are now open!
Today I would like to share an exciting opportunity with you. You may have already heard of ALU - a university built on the success of ALA. You now have the opportunity to apply to ALU and earn a full scholarship to attend our Mauritius campus.

You can learn more about ALU from our website and you can apply here.

ALU brings the best tertiary education in the world to Africa. We want to make this opportunity accessible to the most talented, motivated young people on the continent, so we have partnered with leading companies to provide our 2015 class with a full scholarship to attend ALU.

One of the special things about ALU is that you are guaranteed an annual internship with one of the world's best companies. After completing the 3-year program at ALU, students who perform well in their internships can work full-time with these companies.

Should you get admitted, you will be able to enroll as early as September 2015. The early application deadline is 7 December 2014.