4 de mar de 2014

If you were mayor you would...? What would you do or change if you could be mayor of your city?

If you were the mayor of your town or city for one day, what would you do and why?

This week, I asked some of my friends the following question: 

If you were mayor you would...? 
What would you do or change if you could be mayor of your city?

I waited, but only one of those who I asked answered and she is AMANDA FERRAZ ( :D ). Then I'm going to post my opinion and also her answer. Thanks Amanda for sharing your thoughts!

"The first thing I would do, would be to create a safe city — to prevent delinquency — to meet strict safety standards by increasing the police structure and education at schools. Then I would also try to create a clean, orderly, and safe environment full of trees and education and leadership classes with great structure to youth, because we ( the youth, the teenagers ) are going to change the world, and we must start it by studying and practicing it in our own city." Claudio Antonio Klaus Junior (me)

"If I were a mayor I would do more schools and do different programs at school, like dance, theater, sports and financial class, to the society since young understand more the place that we live" - Amanda Ferraz (My dear YA/EI friend)

An special tip from Inglês na ponta da lingua's Facebook page: