3 de fev de 2014

New Project, New Ideas to share..

Hello guys,
I'm going to start a new Project.. Trying to write in English every post. I'M LEARNING so you'll find a Thousand of mistakes but teacher Always says that is this way that you could learn more and to develop myself. I'd like to start sharing some things:
My Instaccount: @Jklaus22
I would like to say sorry for all this time without posting News but now I started to work ;)
Perhaps you don't know but now I'm in a relationship.
Today I learned new vocabulary and I`ll make some sentences with it...
My network is big. (Pretty simple, but I think that it`s necessary sometimes..)
I learned about Bill Gate`s life and business.
I`m taking care about my consumption of plastic every day.
My strategy is the persistence.
The homework deadline is tomorrow.
I didn't know she had already introduced everyone at the table.
I read a very good book during my vacation: "O Guia politicamente incorreto da historia do mundo" (I`m sorry about the accentuation `cause the English keyboard is very different)
But what I would like to share with you today is a great book. It is an account written by the hand of Mormon upon plates taken from the plates of Nephi and translated by Joseph Smith Jr.
This is THE BOOK OF MORMON Another Testament of Jesus Christ. You can request one at Mormon.org (for free!) I know that this book can change your life!
See you soon!
Next time I`ll post some tips about how I`m (trying to) improving my English.