27 de fev de 2014


Hello guys, If you want to know a cool website where you can take very awesome courses made by the world's most famous universities: EDX is the right "place". 

This is the Public Speaking course, super awesome, I wish I could be more diligent to take the exercises!
If you would like to take a look, FEEL FREE!
I'm going to share some pieces of some classes:
When proofreading your paper, think of “OUT”.
1. Print it out
Some people find it easier to read from paper, or to see their mistakes. If you can, print out your writing for proofreading.
2. Read it out
Some people hear their errors better than they read them. Read your essay aloud and mark anything that sounds awkward or wrong. Even better, have someone else read it aloud while you read along. 
3. Watch out...
Watch out for common mistakes. Look at the chart below of common writing errors, found at Bedford St. Martins. Make sure you essay has none of these.